Our design philosophy is based on strong typography of bold reads and graceful hues!

Whether you need a simple, clean run-down check out, or an ambitious deal-breaking campaign, we can make it happen. We’ve helped clients serve millions of unique visitors to their websites and apps on a daily basis since 2010—so even if you don’t need a full-blown logo design agency, we’re the right fit for you.

Mozilla’s logo designers need an effective strategy for demonstrating market relevance while pleasing viewers. An equal partnership of agency and creative team will enable creative development to reflect compelling consideration for the Mozilla project as it develops itself into the federation that it is today. This means no cut corners in layout, concept, and color—or in rendering.

Our design philosophy is based on strong typography of bold reads and graceful, unique hues (think red and blue, but the right shade for typography). These works will be professionally designed and displayed on laptops and mobile phones. Add to that a responsive site that is sure to reach a wide audience and you have a full, engaging branding effort for your company, project, or passion project.

We worked on branding of clothing and fashion business Leslie Jean Designs with custom shirts and other accessories created by independent artists.

Seasoned, Global Brands Pose a Unique Business Challenge

Mozilla has always had a strong, strategic focus on global opportunities. The success of the open-source movement and its champions are closely linked to global digital use and don’t represent just one segment of an overall market. On the other hand, some very emblematic brands without a global approach—despite Europe’s best design—can occasionally impinge on Mozilla’s brand. Consequently, it is up to our Creative Director to build the unique brand identity for a global entity and ensure that it translates into a successful online presence in order to maximally advance its goals.

We believe that this unique challenge is the only way for ToastWire to stand apart from throughout digital use and candidates seen as energy-guzzling modern day Internet brands. You will not find any half steps to success. We have gone through this time-intensive process many times so we can successfully complete your work on time and within budget.

Good Design: Our Design Philosophy

We are known for originality. What we offer other than a visual package that makes whole material shine and stands alone? A design that says “Wow! Burj Khalifa is 3,000 stories tall. Get a taste of Timbers pride. The company wants to look just like us, but they should feel like us.” We’re not talking about quality here. We really mean to avoid the usual design clichés, which become so common when creating graphic and typographic designs for an online environment. Our shirts and worn stories establish who we are and let the designers know that if you want an indication of our power, get a piece of our background.

We try to display all typographic colors using a layered gradient with an underlying black for a soft gradation or acoustic aesthetics suggested by the fold of a flag. A gradient in font weight creates a soft glow as if spilling light from the highest pillar. We prefer white text on dark backgrounds and black on black.

We create visual contrast throughout your pages by distinguishing content, not by applying tones and shadows. Gradients go hand-in-hand with variations in color. Some examples include gradient/gradient variations in primary colors (dries out, creases as it transitions into dark carater tones), consistent bar style (biger/smaller shades of gray), shadow details (frequent) and fans in dark areas of the page (morgan), or shadows to delineate sections on the page.

A popular one used while watching soccer matches is a gradient filter of darker colors (for example red, yellow, and green) to simulate the mile high atmosphere and its presence on television screens. Color tones in an OLI title bone visualize the duality of the animal in the anchor. We inspire visual creativity through the use of graphic elements and text.

Yes, we do this by way of exceptions, subverts, and nonsense. You will find minimal and unusual styles used in our boards and title cards. We also play with typography and graphics, involving complementary color schemes and subtle color changes. Change travel dates or news cycles? Interestingly enough, your audiences will has these effects too. Very rarely do you see a hand-written piece of paper on the same page. We try to surprise with unexpected names or abbreviations like FedEx. Sometimes we use graphics on other pages. For example we use any word or name as both a graphic and a name—which gives it the bite of the acronym FedEx. We decompose words as we use different fonts, which leads to three dimensional experiences.

Every turn of the wheel makes the road in our identity more difficult and our adventures more rewarding. Every layer has its purpose and presents complexity and complexity.

Our logo service

Tell us your reason for needing a logo inspiration service and we will make sure that your unique and innovative business logo swiftly makes mentions in search results, production and press releases.

We process most logo requests for the client within 1-2 business days. Most of the time, we can get a new logo into your exact requirements within 24 hours.

We’re not hiring full-time freelancers—we’re the only studio capable of creating complex, custom and very high quality logos.

Our logo design portfolio is always growing, so we’re sure that we’ll be able to get your logo design job done the fast and easy way.

We have helped clients successfully launch and improve their online presence in the past and built strong relationships with local and national journalists, advertising agencies and newspapers.

So, when it comes to logo design, we know exactly what to do: We relish and focus on the logos’ ness we’ve created in our years of experience, and as a result, it gives our clients a high-level of confidence, thereby creating greater awareness and offers.

This means that when your new logo is published (either statutory nor registered samples are used), you will find it included in coverage of your business.

We can break down logo requirements into several layers based on your requirement–and our clients know exactly what to expect. Our on-site philo- graphic design services are continuous.

From initial concept to final graphic design, visual direction, general planning and marketing, now we will deliver the actual product.

Once your team collates and assembles all the necessary design elements of your new logo, we will make sure that you’re looking on the high-quality, professional quality final design.

Compare our standard logo licenses with competitor bids and for FREE find out the difference!

Our 6th commandment is: Let’s work together

Our relationship is about YOU. Not the logo itself.

Ultimately, our job is to understand what the logo’s value proposition is and to diagnose what might be causing a logo to look overused or outdated. We use these findings to help you use the logo in the most effective way possible.

We can help you get an immediate return on your investment.

We guarantee that beginning with the initial consultation with us we will try to shift things in a direction that’s better for your brand, your customers, and the world.

GREAT logo design

Whether you’re looking for a GREAT logo design for the quintessential cited brands report, growing your business fast enough to benefit from logo ranking software, or trying to design a logo for your latest viral name-generating campaign, we can help you turn it into mainstream success.

Our commitment to our clients is simply to deliver what you desire, and in the case of your logo, our commitment is to deliver a thoroughly well-designed brand asset that will improve your brand recognition and potentially even reap ROI for you in one-to-one consultations.

Over coming the course of this process, we never stop working together.

No matter which of our services you require, we promise to work together as a team, resulting in the best logo impact, customer engagement, and brand canonization. So from beginning to end, we will continue to always stand by our clients’ ideas, answers, and questions, so we can always deliver you the best possible consultation results.

Have a few questions but no ready-made solution? Write to us, we we will help you find the inspiration you need.

Our team is accountable.

No, we don’t just rant and rave all the time. We set high standards to apply to all of our work, working with our clients to establish high customer value, hire only from the best resumes, and approach each project as if we were running an entire company of our own.

After all, we do have clients’ hearts—we’re here for YOU.

We are flexible and can meet your specific needs.

When an issue occurs, we address quickly, address it accordingly, and move on to the next client, ourselves. We can work from any location including our offices. Email us with your pricing and a little guidance on getting started, and we can help you get right to work.

We also understand that some of you might have a better grasp on designing a logo than us, so any additional consultation fees you are looking to cover are at your expense.

We will always be happy to talk with you.

Before you join our team, you can be sure that you’ll be receiving high-quality and relevant, engaging and timely information.

With our emphasis on returning value back to the brand behind it, you won’t just get a logo-designed one-off for one price, but a basis for your logo becoming a core part of your brand language.

As such, you can be certain that you won’t pay for empty PR.

Happy clients:

Tyler Lusk, Design Newport: Chandler Coheiser, CEO of New York wedding production company Pincushion, outlines some of the reasons why he chose to work with Design Newport.

“The approach and look and feel of a logo has helped create an iconic brand for us that has been able to celebrate our clients’ success (including one of the largest importers of Bud Light in the United States), the wedding industry, and our own office space in New York City,” said Coheiser.

“We don’t sell to a large number of clients and it does not make sense to find someone else to get a logo job. I prefer having assets sold so I know exactly what it will look like across all of our income centers.”

Classics Illustrated:

Amid the genre changes in advertising over the past decade, branding firms have had to face the inherent challenges that come with operating in multiple markets, and clientele — which span generations and growing up with different strategies for their imagery and branding.

Jack Poole, founder of classicmag.com, is sick of the analysis and more-realistic approach that’s been more common for branding, with its strict deadlines and wait-and-see style.

He and his business partner Kenny Cunniff effectively sat down with their clients, the most influential authors of the genre since the 1930s.


A person’s first choice is always a logo but the market is crawling with great logo generators that can speed up the process (a recipe for disaster). Invisia is different.

The equation of your fine print, the funnel,” said Tony Oliver, executive creative director at INVISIA. Add your website’s details and just complete the rest, and you’ve got perfect logo in a few hours.

It’s fast enough to generate a short digital version, but sophisticated enough to print to the required quality.”

A recently launched Chrome extension lets users turn this shortcut into a better framing tool.

Font pointed service:

Emil Soucie and Antoine Brule recently presented the online title The Font Guide. Soucie said he was particularly after sustainable web fonts that can be used in any environment. He and Brule wanted to help visually impaired people who want to read in their room, but can’t do so without assistance.

The result is The Font Guide for Blind People: A Colour Guide, which swiftly extracts mentions of colour and drawing directions from the text. According to Soucie, a lot of these names are unique.

The web is an inclusive medium and needs more of this kind of approach.

Highway transportation

The Borderline .JPG poster has a lot to say about the state of the modern highway. As we’ve never really been offered much of a window into our transportation systems, we’re motivated to share it with the world rather than constantly rehashing information that frequently seems outdated in a smart as a beltway approach.

Y-Combinator has helped provide its context in the process of designing, building, and launching software and hardware with Paymetrics and Friendfeed, as well as before launch with the JumboJazz launcher for Android.