Happy clients:

Tyler Lusk, Design Newport: Chandler Coheiser, CEO of New York wedding production company Pincushion, outlines some of the reasons why he chose to work with Design Newport.

“The approach and look and feel of a logo has helped create an iconic brand for us that has been able to celebrate our clients’ success (including one of the largest importers of Bud Light in the United States), the wedding industry, and our own office space in New York City,” said Coheiser.

“We don’t sell to a large number of clients and it does not make sense to find someone else to get a logo job. I prefer having assets sold so I know exactly what it will look like across all of our income centers.”

Classics Illustrated:

Amid the genre changes in advertising over the past decade, branding firms have had to face the inherent challenges that come with operating in multiple markets, and clientele — which span generations and growing up with different strategies for their imagery and branding.

Jack Poole, founder of classicmag.com, is sick of the analysis and more-realistic approach that’s been more common for branding, with its strict deadlines and wait-and-see style.

He and his business partner Kenny Cunniff effectively sat down with their clients, the most influential authors of the genre since the 1930s.


A person’s first choice is always a logo but the market is crawling with great logo generators that can speed up the process (a recipe for disaster). Invisia is different.

The equation of your fine print, the funnel,” said Tony Oliver, executive creative director at INVISIA. Add your website’s details and just complete the rest, and you’ve got perfect logo in a few hours.

It’s fast enough to generate a short digital version, but sophisticated enough to print to the required quality.”

A recently launched Chrome extension lets users turn this shortcut into a better framing tool.

Font pointed service:

Emil Soucie and Antoine Brule recently presented the online title The Font Guide. Soucie said he was particularly after sustainable web fonts that can be used in any environment. He and Brule wanted to help visually impaired people who want to read in their room, but can’t do so without assistance.

The result is The Font Guide for Blind People: A Colour Guide, which swiftly extracts mentions of colour and drawing directions from the text. According to Soucie, a lot of these names are unique.

The web is an inclusive medium and needs more of this kind of approach.

Highway transportation

The Borderline .JPG poster has a lot to say about the state of the modern highway. As we’ve never really been offered much of a window into our transportation systems, we’re motivated to share it with the world rather than constantly rehashing information that frequently seems outdated in a smart as a beltway approach.

Y-Combinator has helped provide its context in the process of designing, building, and launching software and hardware with Paymetrics and Friendfeed, as well as before launch with the JumboJazz launcher for Android.